Minecraft 1.20, 1.19: Top 5 Easy Minecraft House Ideas for Beginners

Top 5 Minecraft House Ideas for Beginners: Minecraft, one of the most beloved and popular games, offers players the opportunity to unleash their creativity and imagination by building their own virtual worlds. While the game features various activities such as survival, exploration, and more, one of the most exciting aspects of Minecraft is its limitless potential for construction. However, starting off without a proper idea can be challenging.

Although the internet is flooded with thousands of Minecraft house ideas, many of them are complex and not suitable for beginners. Therefore, it is important for novice players to begin their journey by building something that is both achievable and impressive. In this article, we will provide a list of the top 5 Minecraft house ideas for beginners, carefully selected to accommodate their skill level and help them learn new building techniques.

top 5 easy minecraft house ideas

Here is the List of Top 5 Easy Minecraft House Ideas for Beginners

1. Cozy Farmhouse:

cozyfarmhouse | SaidNews

This charming farmhouse is a work of art that requires care and attention to detail during construction. As a beginner, you can easily implement this Minecraft house idea by following the step-by-step tutorial provided by Zaypixel. The tutorial breaks down each step in detail, helping you understand the process and learn new techniques. Building this cozy farmhouse will not only serve as an excellent starting point for your Minecraft adventure but also provide a secure base to survive the challenges of the game’s survival mode.

2. Three-Story Wooden House:

wooden house | SaidNews
If you’re tired of building simple one-story houses and crave something unique, this three-story Minecraft house idea will surely pique your interest. Despite its seemingly complex appearance, this house can be easily constructed by beginners using simple and straightforward steps. The tutorial accompanying this idea provides a comprehensive guide, ensuring that you grasp the entire building process with ease.

3. RainbowGamerPE’s Large Wooden Survival House:

minecraft house | SaidNews
While this particular build may appear slightly more daunting, it offers everything a new player needs to kickstart their journey in Survival Mode. The structure’s outer frame consists of oak wooden planks and cobblestone, making it incredibly easy to gather the required materials within a short amount of time. By following the tutorial, you’ll be able to construct this impressive house, providing both a sense of accomplishment and a practical dwelling.

4. HALNY’s Simple House:

hanley modern house | SaidNews
For Minecraft beginners looking to get a taste of vertical building, HALNY’s small-scale and efficient home is an excellent choice. This house features a staircase made of brick, which may pose a slight challenge for fresh players. However, they always have the option to use stairs made from alternative materials such as stone or wood, allowing them to adapt the design to their skill level and available resources.

5. Modern Suburban House:

minecraft 1.20
If contemporary architecture appeals to you, this modern suburban house is the perfect project for your Minecraft world. Despite its sleek and stylish design, this house is relatively straightforward to build, making it suitable for beginners. The tutorial provides clear instructions and guidance on each step, ensuring that you can create a stunning suburban residence with ease.

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By starting your Minecraft journey with these beginner-friendly house ideas, you can gradually enhance your building skills and gain valuable experience. Remember, the key to success lies in patience, practice, and nurturing your creativity. So, grab your tools, venture into the vast Minecraft universe, and begin crafting your dream home today!

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