Telegram Stories A New Premium Feature Unveiled

Telegram, the popular instant messaging platform, has recently rolled out a new feature called “Telegram Stories” to a select group of users. However, there’s a catch – this WhatsApp-like feature is currently exclusive to Telegram Premium subscribers. Let’s delve into what this new offering entails and why it has generated a lot of excitement among users.

telegram stories

Telegram Stories for Premium Users Now Available

To access Telegram Stories and other exciting features, users need to be subscribed to the Telegram Premium plan. Previously priced at Rs 469 per month, the Premium subscription was reduced to Rs 179 per month last year, making it more accessible to a broader audience. Among the added benefits of the Premium plan, Telegram Stories is a prominent addition.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Stories are short-lived posts that appear at the top of the timeline on platforms like Instagram and have a dedicated tab on WhatsApp. Users can share various content, such as links, photos, videos, and more, knowing that these posts will disappear after 24 hours. However, Telegram offers a unique twist by allowing users to set the duration of their Stories, ranging from 6 to 48 hours. This flexibility empowers users to control how long their Stories stay visible to their contacts.

Telegram’s approach to Stories also extends to audience management. With this feature, Premium users can create different lists of recipients for their Stories. This means they can share specific Stories with appropriate groups of people, such as colleagues, family, friends, and more. In this way, Telegram enhances the user experience, promoting a more personalized and relevant sharing experience.

Instagram users may find a sense of familiarity with Telegram Stories, as the interface closely resembles that of Instagram’s Stories. Circular profile tabs appear at the top, displaying Stories from users’ contacts. This design decision encourages a seamless transition for users already accustomed to Instagram’s Stories. In contrast, WhatsApp utilizes a dedicated tab where users can view their contacts’ Stories by tapping on their profile pictures in the chat list.

One notable aspect of Telegram Stories is its interactive nature. Like other platforms, users can send replies or reactions to the Stories they view, promoting engagement and interaction among contacts. However, it’s essential to mention that while all Telegram users can view Stories, only Premium subscribers can post them. Users attempting to post Stories will be prompted to sign up for a Premium subscription. Nevertheless, the prompt suggests that the feature could potentially become accessible to all users in the future.

According to an announcement on Telegram’s official channel, the addition of Stories was met with some hesitation. However, the decision was ultimately driven by popular demand. Users have long expressed interest in having a feature that enables them to share instant updates with their contacts, and Stories cater precisely to that need.

In conclusion, Telegram Stories has introduced an exciting dimension to the platform’s Premium subscription, granting users more control over their shared content’s visibility. With customizable duration and recipient lists, Telegram distinguishes itself from other social media platforms while still offering a familiar and user-friendly interface. As more users gain access to this feature, we can expect a surge in interaction and engagement within the Telegram community. Whether Stories will eventually be made available to all users remains uncertain, but for now, Telegram Premium subscribers can enjoy this new and innovative storytelling avenue.

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