Starfish Movie 2023: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Teaser, Trailer, and More

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In the realm of Indian cinema, we’re frequently treated to a whole lot of genres and narratives. Among the numerous upcoming releases, ‘Starfish’ promises to be a breath of sparkling air. This Hindi romantic drama, directed with the aid of Akhilesh Jaiswal, is a cinematic adaptation of the great-promoting e-book ‘Starfish Pickle’ by Bina Nayak. The movie boasts a skilled ensemble, with Khushalii Kumar and Milind Soman in the lead roles. Join us in exploring all the fascinating factors of ‘Starfish’, from its release date to the plot and more.

Starfish Movie Release Date

The anticipation for ‘Starfish’ is building, and the coolest news is that we might not have to wait too long. The film is prepared to hit cinemas on November 24, 2023. As the fall leaves fall, it appears that evidently love will bloom on the huge display of this heartwarming romantic drama.

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Starfish Movie Cast

The success of any film is frequently attributed to its cast, and ‘Starfish’ boasts an impressive lineup of talented actors:

  1. Milind Soman: A renowned figure in Indian cinema, Milind Soman’s presence in the movie provides a hint of sophistication and an air of mystery.
  2. Khushalii Kumar: Khushalii brings her attraction and acting prowess to the forefront in this film.
  3. Mike Parish: A familiar face, Mike Parish is predicted to deliver a memorable overall performance.
  4. Jagat Rawat: Known for his versatility, Jagat Rawat’s position in ‘Starfish’ is quite anticipated.
  5. Ehan Bhat: The younger and gifted Ehan Bhat is set to make an impact with this film.
  6. Tusharr Khanna: Tusharr Khanna’s inclusion provides depth to the forged, promising an attractive cinematic experience.
  7. Nikhat Khan: Nikhat Khan is another interesting addition to the ensemble, adding her specific aptitude to the movie.
  8. Marc Cabourdin: Marc Cabourdin’s international attraction is positive enough to deliver a thrilling measurement to the movie.
  9. Pawan Shankar’s role in ‘Starfish’ is shrouded in mystery, leaving us intrigued.
  10. Sambhav Jain: A relative newcomer, Sambhav Jain is anticipated to polish on this superstar-studded solid.
  11. Catalin Bindiu’s inclusion promises a wealthy and diverse cinematic experience.
  1. Maxime Durand: Maxime Durand’s role in ‘Starfish’ recommendations at an ensemble piece on the way to captivate the target market.

Starfish Movie Plot

The coronary heart of any film lies in its plot, and ‘Starfish’ isn’t any exception. The narrative revolves around Tara, a skilled business diver who stays an enigma to those around her. Her character is one of power, defying social conventions and confronting her past with unwavering dedication. Tara’s existence takes an unpredictable turn while she attends Guruji’s trance party. This fateful come upon is expected to be a pivotal second, and we eagerly watch for how it’s going to shape her life.

The plot promises a combination of mystery, emotion, and transformation, making ‘Starfish’ a compelling look ahead for fans of Hindi romantic dramas.


‘Starfish’ is a movie that holds the promise of romance, drama, and intrigue. With its specific storyline and proficient forged, it is a manufacturing that’s producing massive exhilaration. As we count down the days until its launch on November 24, 2023, the Indian cinema sector is in for a treat. Whether you’re a fan of the actors or honestly experience a nicely-crafted romantic drama, ‘Starfish’ seems poised to deliver.

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