Discover Brilliance: Samsung 110-Inch Micro LED TV Now Available in India

Samsung is preparing to launch its Crystal Vision 4K TV in India on 4th August. This South Korean brand’s new micron LED TV is crafted with Neelmani glass and features 24.8 million micrometer-sized LEDs. It offers several excellent features, making it a premium offering comparable to a luxury sedan. Read on to learn more about this TV.

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Samsung Micro LED TV Features and Specs

True to its name, Samsung micro LED TV boasts a massive 110-inch display comprising 24.8 million micro LEDs expertly embedded in Neelmani glass. It provides an immersive viewing experience with 4K resolution, micro HDR, multi-intelligence AI upscaling, scene adaptive contrast, and dynamic range expansion+. Thanks to the Micro LED technology, the TV also incorporates micro AI Processor, enabling features like micro contrast, micro color, and micro HDR.

The TV boasts a multi-view feature, allowing users to view four different types of content simultaneously on one screen at up to 120FPS. Additionally, the display of the Samsung micro LED TV has zero bezels on all sides, featuring a seamless Monolithic design that looks stunning. It also comes with an art mode and ambient mode+ to transform the TV into a piece of art on the wall. Moreover, Samsung’s 110-inch TV is equipped with a Solarcell remote that can be charged using indoor lighting, as claimed by the company. The TV’s dimensions are 422.5 x 1364.1 x 24.9 mm, and it weighs 87 kg without the stand.

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In terms of audio, the Samsung micro LED TV features a 5.1ch speaker system capable of delivering 100W of voice output. Incorporating an arena sound feature, the TV combines Dolby Atmos, OTS Pro, and Samsung’s Q-symphony, delivering an immersive and superior sound experience. The TV also supports 3D surround sound for a cinematic audio experience with excellent sound quality.

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Price and Availability

The Samsung 110-inch micro LED TV is priced at INR 1,14,99000 in India. It can be purchased through and selected retail stores across the country.

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