How To Update Minecraft Beta for Android

Minecraft enthusiasts, get ready for the latest Beta version of the game designed for Android devices! The test version of Minecraft Beta apk brings a host of exciting changes and fixes that will enhance your gaming experience. From recipe unlocking improvements to inventory search enhancements, let’s delve into the details of what this update has to offer.

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Changes in Minecraft Beta Apk file for Android

First and foremost, the breaking times of 188 blocks have been adjusted in Minecraft beta for Android to align with the Java Edition. This ensures consistency and a more seamless gameplay experience across different platforms.

Another notable addition is the player sleeping percentage game rule. This new feature allows players to set the percentage of sleeping players required for the game to progress to the next day. It adds a layer of customization and control over the sleeping mechanics within the game.

Furthermore, the update introduces a fascinating change for horticulture enthusiasts. Pink Petals can now be fertilized by Dispensers, making it easier to grow and nurture your flower gardens. This small tweak adds convenience and efficiency to the process of plant growth and management.

In terms of visual improvements, the rendering logic for Name Tags has been adjusted. It now takes into account the camera position instead of the player’s position, resulting in a more accurate and visually pleasing display of Name Tags.

For iOS users, the developers have introduced alerts to notify players when their device’s disk space is running low. This helps players manage their storage effectively and prevent any interruptions while playing Minecraft on their iOS devices.

Wardens, the formidable and powerful mobs introduced in a previous update, now possess the ability to detect items hitting the ground. This heightened awareness enhances their behavior and adds an extra layer of challenge during encounters with these formidable creatures.

Additionally, Sculk Sensors now send a signal to Sculk Shriekers when they detect items hitting the ground. This interaction between these two elements in the game’s ecosystem adds depth and complexity to redstone contraptions and automation systems.

Fixes in Minecraft Beta for Android

Moving on to the fixes in this update, players will be pleased to know that camels now produce the same stepping sound when walking on Red Sand, Suspicious Sand, and Concrete Powder Blocks as they do on regular Sand. This attention to detail enhances the immersion and realism of the game’s audio design.

Furthermore, the issue of held Maps not being centered on narrow aspect ratio screens has been resolved. This fix ensures that players can enjoy a properly centered and visually pleasing map display regardless of their device’s screen dimensions.

Swimming-related glitches have also been addressed in this update. Previously, hitting the sneak button while beginning to swim could cause the sneak button to remain pressed until swimming ends. This issue has now been fixed, allowing for smoother and more intuitive swimming mechanics.

Potion enthusiasts will be delighted to know that potions no longer throw backward when the player looks up. This fix eliminates an unintentional quirk and ensures that potion throwing behaves as expected, enhancing combat and brewing experiences.

In terms of environmental fixes, campfires within Trail Ruins are no longer lit by default. This aligns with the intended atmosphere and aesthetics of the ruins, providing a more immersive and authentic experience.

Furthermore, mining Shulker Boxes without a Pickaxe will no longer take an excessively long time. This improvement streamlines the mining process, making it more efficient and rewarding for players.

Falling blocks will now break and drop their items when they land on Cocoa Beans, adding consistency to item drop mechanics. Additionally, projectiles will sink into Top Snow just like mobs, enhancing the game’s physics and interactions.

Several crash-related issues have also been resolved in this update. The screen fade when sleeping in a Bed no longer goes fully opaque, preventing any visual glitches. Moreover, crashes related to blocks JSON loading and entering a world while losing focus have been successfully addressed, providing a more stable and uninterrupted gaming experience.

Addressing player concerns, the developers have tackled ‘Out of Storage’ errors and texture corruption on Xbox, particularly in large worlds. This fix ensures that players can explore expansive worlds without any technical limitations or visual artifacts.

Visual consistency has been improved as well. The Lapis Lazuli icon in the Enchantment Table now matches the one in the Smithing Table screen, creating a more coherent and unified visual language.

Lastly, the Enchantment Table screen no longer blocks large enchant labels when overlayed with items in the inventory. This enhancement makes it easier for players to view enchantment options without any obstructions, improving usability and convenience.

Another notable fix is related to Sculk Sensors and Sculk Shriekers. These elements no longer risk losing vibrations when receiving them around the simulation distance limit. This adjustment ensures that players can rely on these mechanics consistently when designing complex redstone contraptions and circuits.

Lastly, vibrations are no longer produced when players stop using items while sneaking. This fix eliminates any unintended vibrations, ensuring a smoother and more seamless gameplay experience.

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In conclusion, the test version of Minecraft Beta for Android brings numerous changes and fixes that enhance the game in various aspects. From adjusted block breaking times to the addition of new features and the resolution of several issues, this update aims to provide a more immersive, stable, and enjoyable Minecraft Beta experience. For more detailed information, be sure to visit the developer’s website (Minecraft Website). Happy crafting!

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