Minecraft 1.20.50 Update: Unveiling Exciting Features and Enhancements

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Minecraft enthusiasts, rejoice! The developers have unleashed the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.20.50 update for Android users. Packed with exciting additions and improvements, this update promises to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Let’s delve into the details of what this update brings to the table.

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Copper Blocks: Shining Bright in Your Creations

Carved Copper

  • Created from 2 Copper Slabs of the same oxidation level.
  • Obtainable at the Stonecutter.

Copper Grid

  • Made from 4 Copper Blocks of the same oxidation level.
  • Transparent: light passes through the block.
  • Mobs do not suffocate inside the block.
  • Does not conduct Redstone.
  • Hostile mobs do not spawn on the block.

Copper Lantern

  • Illuminates the area.
  • Brightness decreases with oxidation.
  • Does not light up after installation: needs to be connected to Redstone.
  • Continues to shine even after Redstone is removed.

Copper Doors and Trapdoors

  • Oxidize over time.
  • Open and close on interaction, like their wooden counterparts.

Tuff Blocks: Adding Variety to Your Builds

  • Stairs
  • Slab
  • Wall
  • Carved versions
  • Brick versions
  • Polished versions

Crafter: Redefining Crafting in Minecraft

  • Crafts items when connected to power.
  • Made from Redstone Dust, Iron Ingots, Crafting Table, and Dispenser.
  • Particles appear during crafting.
  • Different sounds for successful and unsuccessful crafting.
  • Blast resistance of 3.5.

Notable Changes in Minecraft 1.20.50

  • Updated the model, animations, and textures of Bats.
  • Completely revamped the “How to Play?” screen.
  • Added an “Encyclopedia” screen.
  • Added information about Netherite items in the “How to Play?” menu.

Patterned Vase

  • Can store 1 stack of items.
  • Hoppers, Dispensers, and Minecarts with Hopper can add items.
  • Comparators can detect the number of items inside.
  • To retrieve contents, the block must be broken.
  • Interacting with the Vase creates a level 11 vibration.

Version Parity and Bug Fixes

  • One change for Bedrock and Java parity: Evokers and Vindicators do not spawn on Peaceful difficulty.
  • 36 bugs fixed, all sourced from beta versions.

Technical Changes for Addon Development

  • Added 44 technical changes for addon development and testing.


Minecraft 1.20.50 brings a plethora of exciting features, from the gleaming Copper Blocks to the versatile Tuff Blocks and the game-changing Crafter. The developers have not only focused on enhancing gameplay but also on addressing bugs and ensuring version parity. Dive into this update and elevate your Minecraft adventures!

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