Lenovo Unveils ThinkPlus X16 Wireless Earbuds with Impressive Features

Chinese tech giant Lenovo has expanded its audio accessories lineup with the launch of the ThinkPlus X16 wireless earbuds. These new headphones, designed to meet the demands of tough environmental conditions, feature IPX4 water resistance, making them an ideal choice for users engaged in sports activities.

Lenovo Unveils ThinkPlus X16 Wireless Earbuds | SaidNews

Features and Specs:

The ThinkPlus X16 TWS earbuds join Lenovo’s growing portfolio of wireless audio products, following the successful release earlier this year of the affordable Lenovo XT80 headphones. The X16 boasts a classic design and stands out as a completely wireless pair of headphones, offering users a seamless and convenient listening experience.

Weighing in at just 4.5g each, the X16 is among the lightweight options in the market. The headphones incorporate 14.2mm drivers that deliver impressive playback quality and clarity, making them suitable not only for music enthusiasts but also for individuals seeking clear call quality. Each headphone includes a microphone capable of reducing ambient noise, enhancing the overall audio experience.

The touch-sensitive surface on the headphones allows users to easily control music playback or manage calls with a simple touch. With a commendable battery life of 20 hours, the X16 ensures prolonged usage without frequent recharging. The charging status of the headphones’ case is conveniently displayed through four LEDs.

In terms of connectivity, Lenovo has equipped the ThinkPlus X16 with Bluetooth 5.2 support, ensuring a stable and efficient connection. The headphones also boast low latency, enhancing the overall user experience during audio playback and calls.

Pricing for the Lenovo X16 headphones is set at around €15 (~$16) and is available through various retailers, including German platforms. The affordability of the X16, combined with its water-resistant design, positions it as an attractive option for users engaged in sports or challenging environmental conditions.

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Lenovo aims to cater to a diverse consumer base by offering flexibility in pricing through different retailers. Quick and relatively free shipping is promised, although potential buyers should be aware of the possibility of import duties, and the product may not come with a warranty.

The ThinkPlus X16 wireless earbuds mark another step forward for Lenovo in the audio accessories market, providing users with a reliable and feature-rich option at an accessible price point.

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