July 2023 PlayStation Plus Game Catalog: It Takes Two, Sniper Elite 5, and Snowrunner Included

Sony has recently unveiled the Extra and Premium PlayStation Plus game catalog releases for July 2023, and it’s an exciting lineup with some highly anticipated titles making their way to the service. Unlike the PlayStation Plus Essential games, which are available to all subscribers, the downloadable PS4 and PS5 titles in the Game Catalogue are exclusively accessible to Extra and Premium tier members.

July 2023 PlayStation Plus Game Catalog new

PlayStation Plus customers are in for a treat this month. In order to access the Game Catalog, gamers must possess an active PS Plus Extra membership. With a Deluxe membership, players gain access to both the Game Catalogue and the Classics Catalogue, which offers a diverse selection of interesting titles.

July 2023 PlayStation Plus Game Catalog List

Starting July 18th, players can add the following titles to their library. Once added, these games will remain accessible as long as the player’s PlayStation Plus subscription remains active.

1. Snowrunner – PS4, PS5:

playstation plus july 2023 game

SnownRunner,” developed by Saber Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive, is an off-road driving simulation game released in 2020. Players take on the role of drivers navigating challenging terrains, including snowy landscapes, muddy roads, and treacherous off-road conditions. Realistic physics, vehicle customization, and completing tasks and contracts are key aspects of the game. It provides a vast open environment for exploration and conquering using a variety of vehicles.

2. Sniper Elite 5 – PS4, PS5:

sniper elite 5 | SaidNews
As a sequel to Rebellion Developments’ “Sniper Elite 4,” this third-person tactical shooter stealth video game offers players a thrilling experience. With numerous vast levels, players can approach missions with various strategies and enjoy the detailed depiction of long-range sniping, featuring bullet-cam shots that show the impact on the target’s body parts, bones, or internal organs. The game also offers extensive weapon customization.

3. It Takes Two – PS4, PS5:

it takes two | SaidNews

It Takes Two” is an exhilarating action-adventure platformer created by the talented team at Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts.t was released in March 2021. This unique title requires cooperative multiplayer gameplay and does not support single-player mode. It features a blend of game mechanics from various genres and incorporates a large number of engaging minigames.

Additional Games for July 2023 Playstation Plus Game

In addition to these games, Sony is introducing more titles to the PlayStation Plus game Catalog for July 2023:

– SpongeBob SquarePants – PS4 Game
– Melty Blood: Type Lumina – PS4
– World War Z – PS4, PS5
– The Ascent – PS4, PS5
– Undertale – PS4
– Circus Electrique – PS4
– Samurai Warriors 5 – PS4
– My Little Pony: A Maretime Bay Adventure – PS4, PS5
– Dynasty Warriors 9 – PS4
– Dysmantle – PS4, PS5
– Fast & Furious – PS4, PS5

Furthermore, Premium subscribers will be granted access to a curated assortment of PlayStation Classics titles beginning on July 18th. It’s worth noting that the inclusion of the Twisted Metal games could potentially align with the premiere of the Twisted Metal TV series, featuring Anthony Mackie, scheduled for July 27th. Here are the classics that will be available:

– Twisted Metal – PS4, PS5
– Twisted Metal 2 – PS4, PS5
– Gravity Rush Portable – PS4, PS5

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Overall, July 2023 promises an exceptional lineup of games for PlayStation Plus subscribers, offering a diverse range of genres and experiences. Whether players enjoy cooperative adventures, tactical sniping, off-road driving simulations, or revisiting classic titles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this month’s PlayStation Plus catalog.

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