Huawei Introduces New 86-Inch Smart Screen S3 Pro with Enhanced Features

Huawei has recently expanded its Smart Screen S3 Pro series by launching a new variant in addition to the existing 65-inch and 75-inch options. The latest addition is an impressive 86-inch variant that not only offers a larger screen size but also boasts enhanced brightness and color accuracy. This new model stands out as more than just a bigger option within the Smart Screen S3 Pro lineup. However, it still relies on a 4K (3,840 x 2,160) IPS panel, which means it may have a slightly lower pixel density compared to its smaller counterparts.

huawei smart screen s3 pro features
Huawei Unveils Brighter and Larger 86-Inch Smart Screen S3 Pro with Enhanced Features

One notable feature retained by the Smart Screen S3 Pro 86-inch edition is its 120 Hz native refresh rate. T
This guarantees a seamless and fluid viewing experience. Moreover, Huawei has included a dedicated game mode in this smart TV, which utilizes “frequency doubling technology” to simulate a 240 Hz refresh rate. It is important to note that this is not true 240 Hz, as the HDMI 2.1 ports of the TV do not support the bandwidth required for 4K/240 Hz. Nevertheless, the 86-inch edition offers a peak brightness of 500 nits, surpassing the 75-inch version by 100 nits and outshining its 65-inch counterpart by 115 nits.

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In terms of color reproduction, the Smart Screen S3 Pro 86-inch edition provides 93% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space, slightly surpassing its Smart Screen S3 Pro siblings. Huawei claims that all other hardware specifications remain consistent with the existing models in the Smart Screen S3 Pro series. This includes a 1080p webcam, an NT72676 chipset, 4 GB of RAM, and 64 GB of storage.

Currently, the Smart Screen S3 Pro 86-inch edition is available exclusively in China for CNY 11,999 (approximately US$1,660). This price represents a CNY 4,000 (approximately US$553) increase compared to the retail price of its 75-inch sibling. Although Huawei has not yet confirmed any plans to release the Smart Screen S3 Pro series outside of China, it is likely that the 86-inch edition will remain a Chinese exclusive.

With the introduction of the new 86-inch variant, Huawei continues to push the boundaries of smart TV technology, providing consumers with larger screen options and improved features. As the Smart Screen S3 Pro series expands, it will be interesting to see if Huawei decides to bring these impressive devices to other markets worldwide, offering a wider audience the opportunity to experience their cutting-edge capabilities.

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