Hammer Launches Active 2.0 and Cyclone Smartwatches in India: Specifications and Pricing

Hammer, a homegrown wearable brand, has recently launched two new smartwatches in India named Active 2.0 and Cyclone. While the design of the Active 2.0 seems heavily inspired by the Apple Watch Ultra, the Cyclone stands out with its round display. Each smartwatch offers unique features to cater to different consumer preferences. Let’s delve into the specifications and pricing details of both models.

Features and Price for Hammer Active 2.0

Starting with the Hammer Active 2.0, it boasts a square metallic chassis that houses a 1.95-inch IPS display. With a brightness of 600 nits, the screen supports Always On Display (AOD) functionality and provides access to over 100 cloud-based watch faces. The frame of the Active 2.0 features three Action buttons for quick action functionalities, along with a speaker grill on the left side and a single microphone on the right.

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One of the notable features of the Active 2.0 is its support for Bluetooth calling and wireless charging. However, it lacks fast charging capabilities and requires approximately two hours for a full charge. The smartwatch offers an average battery life of up to two days on a single charge. In terms of health and fitness tracking, the Active 2.0 excels, offering over 60 sports modes and a range of wellness sensors. It includes a dedicated heart rate tracker, active sleep monitoring, SpO2 monitoring, temperature tracking, and women’s health tracking.

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To fully customize the smartwatch and access fitness and wellness data, users can utilize the MASWEAR app, available for both Android and iOS. Additionally, the Active 2.0 comes with features like password protection, smart notifications, AI-voice assistant support, and prompt reminders. It is available in Black and Blue color options.

Features and Price for Hammer Cyclone Smartwatch

Moving on to the Hammer Cyclone, this smartwatch features a respectable 1.39-inch round-dial display with a brightness of 600 nits and a 60Hz refresh rate. Similar to the Active 2.0, it offers access to 100+ cloud-based watch faces and three UI themes for customization. The Cyclone is encased within a round metallic chassis, complemented by a functional crown on the right side. Consumers can choose from Midnight Black, Coral Peach, Navy Blue, and Ash Grey color options for the Cyclone smartwatch.

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With Bluetooth 5.2 and a digital microphone and speaker array, the Cyclone ensures superior call quality. The smartwatch supports magnetic charging and AI voice assistants as well. For fitness enthusiasts, the Cyclone provides over 100 sports modes and various health monitoring features, including sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, SPO2 monitoring, and more. Additionally, it boasts IP67 water resistance. Like the Active 2.0, the Cyclone is compatible with the MASWEAR app, which offers access to fitness and wellness data and a range of smartwatch-related features. It offers compatibility with both Android and iOS devices, providing a seamless experience across different platforms.. The watch includes features such as smart notifications, adjustable vibration intensity, music control, power-saving mode, and Find My Device functionality.

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In terms of pricing, the Hammer Active 2.0 and Cyclone smartwatches are priced at Rs 1,899 and Rs 1,299 respectively. Both models are available for purchase starting today as part of the Amazon Prime Day sale.

In conclusion, Hammer has introduced two new smartwatches in India, the Active 2.0 and Cyclone. While the Active 2.0 resembles the Apple Watch Ultra, the Cyclone stands out with its round display. Each model offers distinct features and customization options to cater to different consumer preferences. With competitive pricing and a range of health and fitness tracking capabilities, these smartwatches provide viable options for tech enthusiasts in India.

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