Flipkart Plus Premium: Unveiling the Exclusive Benefits of India’s New Customer Benefits Programme

E-commerce giant Flipkart is gearing up to announce an exciting new service for its users in India, and it goes by the name of “Flipkart Plus Premium.” While the term “Premium” might suggest a paid subscription service, Flipkart has confirmed that this new programme will offer free membership to its customers.

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What is Flipkart Plus Premium ?

Flipkart Plus Premium is expected to provide even better benefits compared to the existing Flipkart Plus membership, which is already in place as the company’s customer benefits programme. With the launch of Plus Premium, users can anticipate a host of enticing perks.

As of now, Flipkart has not fully unveiled the exact benefits of the Plus Premium membership. However, the company has teased the upcoming launch and stated that all the exciting details will be revealed within the next two weeks. What is certain is that the programme will be available to users completely free of cost.

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To access Flipkart Plus Premium, customers will need to utilize SuperCoins, the loyalty points earned by making purchases on the Flipkart platform. The accumulated SuperCoins can then be redeemed on the Flipkart app or website while shopping for various products. With Plus Premium sitting on top of the existing Flipkart Plus programme, users can look forward to enhanced benefits and rewards.

As part of the Flipkart Plus programme, members already enjoy perks like free shipping, double SuperCoins earnings, early access to sales, and priority customer support. To become a Flipkart Plus member, customers are required to spend 200 SuperCoins, and once they join, they earn four SuperCoins for every Rs 100 spent on the platform.

The announcement of Flipkart Plus Premium comes hot on the heels of the recently concluded Big Saving Days sale, with the annual Big Billion Days Sale scheduled to take place in September. By introducing the new loyalty programme ahead of the sale, Flipkart aims to attract more customers and encourage them to explore the benefits of Plus Premium.

However, certain details about the Plus Premium membership are yet to be disclosed. It remains unclear if existing Plus members will receive complimentary access to Plus Premium or if there will be an additional SuperCoin charge for the upgrade. The exact number of SuperCoins required to become a Plus Premium member has also not been revealed by the company. These specifics are expected to be made available in the coming weeks.

In conclusion, Flipkart’s imminent launch of Flipkart Plus Premium promises an array of exclusive benefits and rewards for its users in India. As the company continues to expand its customer benefits programme, Indian shoppers can eagerly anticipate a more rewarding and enjoyable online shopping experience with Flipkart. Stay tuned for the official announcement to learn more about the exciting perks of Flipkart Plus Premium.

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