Dyson Zone Headphones: A Revolution in Sound and Air Quality

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Dyson, the renowned global brand acknowledged for its modern vacuum cleaners and air purifiers, has ventured into the audio marketplace with an amazing addition: the Dyson Zone Headphones. These cutting-edge headphones boast lively noise cancellation and a completely unique feature: a removable visor that purifies the air you breathe.

Introduced to the world by way of Dyson in the United States ultimate year, the Dyson Zone Headphones have already made their mark in the USA and the UK, hitting the cabinets across Europe in April 2023. Now, Dyson lovers in India can rejoice as the organization formally launches the one-of-a-kind Dyson Zone Headphones inside the Indian marketplace.

Dyson Zone Headphones: Price And Availabilit

The Dyson Zone Headphones are available in two wonderful models, each with its own pricing:

Dyson Zone Headphones Standard: Priced at Rs 49,900
Dyson Zone Absolute Headphones: Priced at Rs 64,900

These groundbreaking headphones are to be had in two elegant color alternatives: Prussian Blue and Bright Copper. Starting October 4th, 2023, you should buy them through Dyson’s authentic internet site or visit a Dyson Demo offline store in India.

Dyson Zone Headphones: Features and Specifications

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The Dyson Zone headphones boast an over-the-ear design that guarantees each left and right earcup is frivolously balanced by using weight, inspired by the comfort and balance of a horse’s saddle. A precise foam fabric guarantees maximum consolation and high-quality noise cancellation overall performance, making these headphones ideal for prolonged listening periods.

With 40mm drivers powered by a 16-ohm neodymium-based total audio system, the Dyson Zone headphones provide an excellent frequency range of 6Hz to 21,000Hz, delivering a full spectrum of sound to satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles.

But what sets these headphones apart is their lively noise cancellation (ANC) skills. Featuring an amazing 11 microphones, with 8 dedicated entirely to ANC, these headphones constantly analyze the encircling noise in a brilliant 384,000 instances, according to 2D. As a result, they are able to cancel out background noise up to an excellent 38 dB, immersing you in your music or calls.

Moreover, the Dyson Zone headphones come prepared with an obvious mode, selectively doing away with unwanted noise while permitting you to live aware of your environment. With an astounding 50 hours of playback on a single charge, they ensure uninterrupted listening delight.

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Air Purification Inside The Dyson Zone Headphones

The real spotlight of the Dyson Zone headphones is their air purification characteristic. Each earcup of the headphones is outfitted with a compressor and a removable visor that covers your mouth, forming an air purification gadget. This progressive device pulls in ambient air via double-layer filters.

Within the compressor, Dyson’s motor-based total filtration technique efficiently purifies the air, handing over clean and smooth air directly to your nostril, regardless of the pollution in your environment. The compressor is equipped with electrostatic filters capable of capturing particles as small as 0.1 microns and activated carbon filters to remove nitrogen dioxide from the air.

To reveal the air filtration procedure and your environment’s NO2 ranges, you can pair the Dyson Zone headphones with the MyDyson App. The app also has an equalizer that allows you to personalize your audio experience consistent with your options.

Battery and Variants

Powered by lithium-ion batteries and ready with a USB-C port for charging, the Dyson Zone headphones provide the convenience of a short zero-to-100% rate in just three hours.

These revolutionary headphones are available in two editions: the Dyson Zone Standard and the Dyson Zone Absolute+. Both models have the same staggering audio specs. However, the Absolute variant gives electrostatic carbon filters (rather than one in the popular version), an Explorer Case, and an In-Flight adaptor kit. On the other hand, the usual variant comes with a quarter turn hardened case, while the absolute version functions as a soft bring case.

In the end, Dyson’s foray into the audio market with the Dyson Zone Headphones represents an outstanding combo of present-day sound technology and air purification. With their extremely good noise cancellation, superior audio quality, and revolutionary air purification system, those headphones are set to redefine the manner in which we experience audio while at the same time making sure we breathe the purest air. Discover a brand new measurement of sound and wellbeing with Dyson’s Zone Headphones.

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