BOULT Curve Buds and Curve Max Neckband: A Sonic Revolution

Indian audio aficionados, brace yourselves for a sensational auditory deal! BOULT, the prominent electronics brand, has just set the stage for an acoustic revolution with the launch of their cutting-edge offerings, the BOULT Curve Buds and the BOULT Curve Max neckband. These devices are poised to redefine your listening and gaming experiences, backed by the current era and an attractive price tag.

BOULT Curve Max: Music Unleashed

BOULT Curve Max Neckband | SaidNews

The BOULT Curve Max neckband is a showstopper, boasting a fixed set of 13mm BoomX drivers that supply a symphony of exquisite audio. Whether you’re grooving to your favorite tunes or making essential calls, this neckband ensures a crisp and immersive experience. What’s more, the ZEN Mode Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) era ensures that your calls are disturbance-unfastened, even in bustling environments.

But what really sets the Curve Max apart is its remarkable 100 hours of battery life on a single charge. Say good-bye to the hassle of frequent charging and take pleasure in extended listening sessions without worry. And if you’re ever in a hurry, a brief 10-minute charge rejuvenates the neckband, granting you a solid 24 hours of playtime. Gamers, have fun! The 50 ms low latency mode guarantees an unbroken and lag-free gaming experience.

Are you someone with a lively lifestyle? The Curve Max has given you protection with its IPX5 water resistance. It can withstand your sweat and splashes, making it the ideal partner for exercises and out-of-door adventures. Dual-device connectivity lets you effortlessly transfer among your gadgets, making sure you stay connected at some point in the day. The elegant coloration alternatives of black and blue, along with the handy USB Type-C connector for charging, make the BOULT Curve Max a great combo of aesthetics and functionality.

BOULT Curve Buds Pro: Audiophile’s Dream

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The BOULT Curve Buds Pro are right here to raise your track and your gaming studies. Equipped with 10mm BoomX drivers, these earbuds supply audio that is not anything short of incredible. With three EQ modes—HiFi, Rock, and Bass Boost—you could tailor your sound to your musical alternatives, whether or not you’re a fan of classical melodies or heart-thumping beats.

For gaming enthusiasts, the Combat Gaming Mode with a high-quality 40 ms low latency guarantees that you’ll by no means miss a beat. Immerse yourself in your digital world with extraordinary precision. Clear call first-class is another spotlight, courtesy of the ZEN Quad Mic ENC era. These earbuds are built to last, imparting an outstanding one hundred hours of gameplay on a single charge. In a hurry? Just 10 minutes of charging grants you a benefit of thirty minutes of playtime.

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The BOULT Curve Buds Pro also embrace the convenience of Bluetooth 5.3 and offer quick pairing with Blink & Pair technology, making connectivity a breeze. Their IPX5 water resistance ensures that they can accompany you through your sweaty workouts and rainy commutes. With three attractive colors to choose from—Nautical Black, White Wave, and Beach Rose—you can express your style while enjoying your favorite music. Like the neckband, these earbuds also feature a USB Type-C charging port for your convenience.

Pricing and availability

Wondering about the cost of these audio marvels? The BOULT Curve Max neckband is currently available at a special launch price of just Rs. 999, down from its regular price of Rs. 1,299. You can find these neckbands available for purchase on, Flipkart, and Hurry and grab this deal before it’s gone!

On the other hand, the BOULT Curve Buds Pro is available at a discounted price of Rs. 1,299, reduced from the usual Rs. 1,799. You can purchase these earbuds on and Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own top-tier audio gadgets at unbeatable prices.

In a world where technology constantly evolves, BOULT continues to stay at the forefront of innovation, providing music and gaming enthusiasts with the tools they need to elevate their experiences. The BOULT Curve Buds and Curve Max neckband are a testament to this commitment. Experience the future of audio today!

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