Bigme Unveils S6 Color+ E-Ink Tablet with Kaleido 3 Panel: A Game-Changer in the Tablet Market

Bigme, a prominent technology company in China, has recently unveiled its latest innovation, the S6 Color+ e-ink tablet. This cutting-edge gadget is equipped with the state-of-the-art Kaleido 3 panel, boasting a remarkable refresh rate of 12 frames per second (fps). Although specific details regarding the optics have yet to be disclosed, the S6 Color+ is set to hit the market in the near future. Its inclusion of the advanced Kaleido 3 color screen technology and automatic afterimage elimination algorithm establishes the S6 Color+ as a formidable contender in the tablet market.

Bigme Unveils S6 Color+ E-Ink Tablet with Kaleido 3 Panel

Enhancing the Tablet Experience: Bigme Introduces the S6 Color+ E-Ink Tablet with Kaleido 3 Panel

The automatic afterimage elimination algorithm, meticulously debugged and verified by Bigme, particularly enhances the visual experience when employed on color ink screen devices. Paired with the S6 Color+’s impressive specifications, this algorithm promises to deliver exceptional image quality. The tablet will be powered by a robust octa-core 2.3GHz processor, ensuring seamless performance, and will offer a generous RAM/storage configuration of 6GB/128GB. Additionally, the device’s noteworthy 12fps rating underscores the color ink screen’s impressive refresh rate.

Bigme Unveils S6 Color E Ink Tablet with Kaleido 3 Panel | SaidNews

The S6 Color+ E-Ink Tablet showcases the new-generation E Ink Kaleido 3 panel, a significant upgrade over its predecessor. This panel boasts 16 gray scales and an impressive range of 4,096 colors, enabling the display of vibrant and lifelike images. Compared to the previous iteration, the E Ink Kaleido Plus, the Kaleido 3 panel presents a 30% increase in color saturation. By harnessing the power of Print Color ePaper technology and RGB color display, the S6 Color+ E-Ink Tablet transforms a traditional black and white ePaper film into a captivating warm color display. The enhanced vividness, clarity, and overall visual experience contribute to a more immersive reading journey for users.

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While Bigme has not yet disclosed the exact release date for the S6 Color+ E Ink tablet, enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the full unveiling of the device’s specifications and other essential details. It is expected that Bigme will provide this information in the near future, offering a comprehensive overview of the tablet’s capabilities and features.

In summary, Bigme’s forthcoming S6 Color+ E-Ink Tablet is poised to revolutionize the tablet market in China and beyond. Its advanced Kaleido 3 panel, boasting a high refresh rate of 12fps, combined with the automatic afterimage elimination algorithm, will undoubtedly deliver a remarkable visual experience. With the improved color saturation, enhanced clarity, and overall superior reading experience, the S6 Color+ E-Ink Tablet promises to captivate users and redefine their expectations of color e-ink tablets. Stay tuned for the official release date and complete specifications of this exciting new offering from Bigme.

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