Ather Launches New Ather 450S and Upgraded Ather 450X Electric Scooters: A Game-Changer in India’s EV Market

Ather, a pioneering name in the Indian electric scooter marketplace, has unveiled a trio of progressive electric-powered scooters, including the Ather 450S and variants of the Ather 450X. This new lineup boasts exceptional improvements in terms of range, design elements, and protection features, setting a new standard for electric mobility in the country.

Notable among the unveiled functions is the integration of advanced safety mechanisms. Ather has integrated a contemporary protection system that is able to shut down the scooter in the event of a fall. This is a commendable addition, contributing to the protection of riders and pedestrians alike.

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Ather 450S Features and Specs

Delving into the specs of the Ather 450S, it joins the Ather family with a robust 5.4 kW motor. Accelerating from zero to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds, it generates a peak torque of 22 Nm. Its power is provided by a 2.9 kWh battery, granting a commendable range of approximately one hundred and fifteen kilometres. The scooter’s suspension system includes a monoshock suspension on the rear and twin telescopic forks at the front. The braking setup comprises a front disc brake and a rear drum brake.

While the Ather 450S showcases a 7-inch DeepView display, it’s far more outstanding that this model lacks touchscreen functionality. A novel addition is the joystick placed on the left facet of the handlebar, facilitating menu navigation. In terms of layout, the Ather 450S keeps the aerodynamically stable layout of its predecessor, the Ather 450X.

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Ather 450X Features and Specs

Speaking of the Ather 450X, it offers itself in wonderful versions differentiated completely via battery capacity. Regardless of the battery, both versions feature a potent 6.4 kW motor that generates a torque of 26 Nm. The regular Ather 450X variant gives an impressive range of 111 km, while its large-battery counterpart boasts an IDC-rated range of a hundred and fifty km. Remarkably, the acceleration capability stays consistent for each version, reaching 0–40 km/h in only 3.3 seconds. The maximum velocity workable on the Ather 450X is 90 km/h. Braking is better via twin disc brakes, observed through a rear mono-surprise, dual telescopic forks at the front, and an aluminium swingarm.

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Both the Ather 450S and 450X have a common frame, resulting in a resemblance in their average appearance. A standout feature throughout the entire range is the introduction of a joystick, which serves as a speedy menu navigation device. Worth noting is that at the same time as the Ather 450X retains its touchscreen capability, the 450S model now does not aid touchscreen functionality. A modern protection characteristic, termed FallSafe, has been seamlessly incorporated. By using a combination of an accelerometer, gyroscope, and financial institution attitude sensors, this machine is capable of detecting falls or crashes. Subsequently, it triggers an automated shutdown of the motor and activates threat lights to alert others.

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In terms of wheels, the Ather 450S and 450X sport the same 12-inch alloy wheels with tubeless tyres measuring 90/90 on the front and one 100/80 at the rear. These shared functions underline Ather’s dedication to consistent excellence and innovation throughout its product variety.

Ather 450S And 450X Price in India

The pricing and availability of those scooters have also been unveiled. The Ather 450S comes with an ex-showroom price tag of Rs 1,29,999. The Ather 450X comes in two editions: one with a 2.9 kWh battery priced at Rs 1,37,999 and the other with a larger 3.7 kWh battery at a price of Rs 1,44,999. For those in search of additional functions like navigation and calls, Ather offers a Pro Pack that can be obtained for an additional Rs 20,000.

In the end, Ather’s creation of the Ather 450S and updated Ather 450X variants is poised to redefine the electric scooter landscape in India. Through more desirable variety, progressive safety features, and thoughtful design elements, these scooters encapsulate the logo’s determination to push the boundaries of electric mobility.

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